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Our Workshops are guided by 3 deeply rooted principals, below we dive deeper into each principal.


Yoga Movement encourages children to listen to their bodies as they balance, stretch and play. During Yoga Movement, we share Mindfulness Practices that support focus, encourage relaxation, and assist in self-regulation techniques.

Our Yoga Movement activities naturally bring children's attention to the present moment, while providing a  safe, supported, empowered, non-competitive and non-judgemental environment.

"Yoga makes me get out all the silly's that sometimes live inside me!" 

- Age 4


Every human has a perception of the world around them, and as children grow their perception grows.

Providing children with authentic and gentle guidance, and the opportunity to freely explore allows them to Connect with themselves, Connect with others, and Connect with the world around them.

Through our Workshops, we encourage character development, self regulation, positive relationships, and global awareness.

"I had such a good time, I want to come to a class again soon!" 

- Jayden  Age 9


Children’s ability to naturally Imagine, Create and Play, inspire them to trust in their ideas and think outside the box.

The process of imagining, creating, and playing encourages self-discovery, and identity formation.

We foster children’s imagination, stimulate creativity, and support play through meaningful experiences, that empower each child’s unique soul to shine.

"Yoga is new for me and it makes me feel happy" 

- Theo,  Age 6