Mindful Movement Activities

Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement is any Movement done with intention.  

Below you will find Fun, Interactive and Playful Movement Activities!

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*Click on the different types of resources to be connected to a specific play experience!

Yoga Garden

A Yoga movement game incorporating different elements to create a playful movement experience!

Yoga Garden (1).png

Mindful Obstacle Course

This activity teaches children to move through each part of the obstacle course with increased focus, moving slowly and bringing awareness to their breath!

I Spy Yoga Friends

I Spy Yoga Friends incorporates an interactive and fun twist to the traditional I Spy Game.

Literacy + Yoga Movement 

Christina shares from the book A World of Pausabilities: An Exercise in Mindfulness written by Frank J Sileo

Musical Masterpiece

Musical Masterpiece is a simple and fun creative activity that

encourages mindful listening, promotes creativity and stimulates imagination! 

Yoga Literacy

Go on a movement adventure with this beautiful book!

The Koala who could.jpg

Get the book!  Click the link below