Mindful Products

Want to know about Mindful Play Products?

At Mindful Little Things we use many products to help support our Workshops! 

Our props and materials come from a wide variety of places, however, we like to support local and small businesses when we can!

In addition, your local dollar store, amazon and craft store can be a great place to find amazing resources and fun props to add to your collection.

Love Powered Co. aims to support and empower the next generation creating stunning empowerment cards!

We love using the cards in our workshops with children, they are beautifully illustrated and their message encourages positive self talk, confidence and self-love!

This digital download from Etsy is a great twist on the classic game of Bingo!
Doodling Peapod offers many different versions to support your little at different stages of development!

We have also included a link for a classic Bingo Game from Mastermind Toys, what a fun way to spend time with Family! Switch it up and make it a gratitude game by creating rules such as, when the letter B is called, whoever has the number shares a little Gratitude with the room!

Our favourite resource as Educators for gathering innovative ideas and learning new experiences to help children develop a growth mindset is through the company The Big Life Journal! Check out their website for some amazing resources for the children in your life!

We think these are just awesome! What an amazing addition to any child's play! Though the image above shares the classic Joe look they also have pink ones, and a rainbow pack.

Visit Yoga Joe's website to begin building your collection!

'Mindful Summer Play Kits'

Summer is a time for play, fun and relaxation!
We have created 3 unique Mindful Summer Play Kits to provide children with Mindful Play Activities that foster creativity, boost imagination and inspire a whole lot of fun!

Kits include: Instructions on how to complete each activity, materials and a Summer Yoga Movement sequence!

'MvHCreative Toys'

Michelle Van Heugten makes beautifully detailed toys that are made to encourage imaginative play. Michelle is a Kindergarten teacher and, like us, believes in the importance of learning through play.

Visit her Etsy Shop to explore her beautiful products!

'Meditation Cushions'

Meditation Cushions are great for personal meditation and are a great addition to any practice. We have used Meditation Cushions within our workshops to provide a grounding experience for children. They also make a great stepping stone when jumping across a lagoon!

Check out the company Love My Mat for amazing Meditation Cushions!

Supporting local and knowing your product was made with love is a feel good for everyone! 

'Yoga Blocks'

We use Yoga Blocks in almost all of our workshops! Children love to explore the soft texture of our foam blocks! They build paths + roadways for pom pom breathing, tall structures to knock down, small structures to balance on, and obstacle courses to test their Yoga Movement skills! Children find endless way to use these amazing blocks!

'Breathing Ball'

The breathing ball is a great prop to help support the understanding of belly breathing (when we breath our belly gets large, when we breath out belly gets smaller). Though this is the most popular use for the prop, we love using it as a concentration tool, a way to regulate breathing and calm the mind. It is also fun to throw in the air, or to another person or roll it across the floor. Like many props give the item to a child and watch them explore!

'Yoga Pretzels'

These amazing cards support both child and educator position their body safely into many different Yoga Poses. Written and visual instructions support humans of any skill level, feel supported and empowered to try new things! Use them to make a sequence or play freeze dance stopping in front of a new card each time.

'The Five Minute Journal'

Journaling can be a great way to feel present in the moment and appreciate all of life's Little Things. This amazing journal is available for both adult and child, create a fun routine with your child and start journaling together!