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Mindful Educator

Engaging in Play
Understanding the world through play
Focused Attention
Playing with Balance

Mindful Classrooms

At Mindful Little Thing we aim to Inspire Educators! 

We want educators to come together to make a difference in the lives of the children they educate.

During our adult workshop we encourage educators to connect with the environment, providing more opportunities to explore nature and the world around us. Creating calm within their classrooms, increasing focus and supporting a positive mindset. 


Within our workshop educators will:

Explore Mindfulness and Play Based Learning

Create hands on experiences designed for children

Connect with other educators and inspire each other to think outside the box

Find new ways to encourage their students to be innovative thinkers

About The Course

We created this workshop because we noticed a lack of Mindfulness based workshops for early childhood development for educators within the GTA.

Our workshops aims to provide educators with a workshop that explores the importance of mindfulness, and provides clear tips, activities and strategies to easily implement into your classroom.


This Professional Development Workshop aims to:

Create forward thinking educators and children

Provide a deeper understanding of childhood development, combined with mindfulness based approaches

Inspire a deeper connection with nature, the environment and the world around us

Support positive Mental Health practices


Certificate of Achievement 

Upon completion of the course all participants will receive a certificate of achievement. For those educators who are registered with the College of Early Childhood Education, this certificate can be used as a part of your Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) portfolio.


This course is recommended for Early Childhood Educators working with children from ages 1 - 12 years. When possible participants will be grouped into similar age categories, however if that is not possible, instructors will make sure all materials presented are relevant to all age groups present within the workshop.

Want to sign up for our Mindful Educator Workshop ?

Send us an email to register!

Social Emotional Learning
Connection to others
Focused Attention
Skill Building
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