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At Mindful Little Thing we aim to bring families together as they explore mindfulness within their home, community and their world! 

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We encourage parents to reconnect with themselves and the natural world around them. We discuss ways to focus on the present moment and create a more positive mindset within their relationship with themselves and their children.

We are passionate educators looking to provide parents with the tools they need, so that they may best support their child’s early development. 

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Within our workshop parents will:

Look at early childhood development in a fun and unique way, as we focus on play experiences

Explore hands on activities and games to help engage their child

Have opportunities to discuss mental health, including strategies to best support you, and your child

Connect with other parents and develop a community of support

About The Course

We created this workshop due to a lack of Mindfulness based workshops that focus on early childhood development.

We aim to provide parents with a workshop that explores the importance of mindfulness, and provides clear tips, activities and strategies to implement easily into your daily lives.

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This Personal Development Workshop aims to:

Create forward thinking parents and children

Provide a deeper understanding of childhood development, combined with mindfulness based approaches

Inspire a deeper connection with nature, the environment and the world around us

Support positive Mental Health practices

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Certificate of Achievement 

Upon completion of the course all participants will receive a certificate of achievement!

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This course is recommended for parents who have children between the ages 0 - 12 years (or expecting parents that want to get a head start!) When possible participants will be grouped into similar age categories, however if that is not possible, instructors will make sure all materials presented are relevant to all age groups present within the workshop.

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