Mindful Books

Want to add more Mindful books to your library?

Mindful Little Things would love to share some mindful book recommendations with you, your class and your family.

We are continuously adding to our library and we encourage you to do the same!

*Links have been provided for your convenience, however we encourage you to buy local and buy used whenever possible.

How to choose Mindful Books

Ask yourself:

What is the message in the book?

Does it align with your classroom's / family's values?

Will it contribute to the child's education?

Many books can be a Mindful experience depending on how you explore them. For example a child who does not read, can look at pictures and explain what they think is happening. Or a book can be used to explain a difficult concept to a child, or explore a topic in more depth.

Benefits of Sharing Books with Children

Encourages a love for reading

A moment of connection between those sharing a book with one another

A way to explore an imaginary world

Spark conversations

Build vocabulary and knowledge

Virtual Book Library

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Carol McCloud


Eileen Spinelli

Play Yoga

Lorena Valentina

Be Kind

Pat Zietlow Miller

Happy Teachers Change the World

Thich Nhat Hanh and Katherine Weare

I Can Do Hard Things

Mindful affirmations for kids

Gabi Garcia

Peep inside a tree

Anna Milbourne


Mindfulness for kids

Wynne Kinder

A World of Pauseabilities

An Exercise in Mindfulness

Frank Sileo

I Am Love

Susan Verde

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