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April 2020

'Calm Mindfulness for kids'

Calm Mindfulness for Kids” is a resource book filled with simple, valuable, and fun activities that promote social and emotional learning. This book provides parents and educators step by step instructions on how to lead your child through many mindful breathing exercises, mindful movement exercises, visualization experiences and mindful craft activities! 

March 2020

'A World of Pausabilities: An Exercise in Mindfulness'

"This book is a child friendly introduction to Mindfulness!

Through this book, children will learn how to apply Mindfulness to simple, everyday moments, and how days are filled with endless possibilities to take a pause. This book includes a parent and caregiver resource that further discusses mindfulness and ways to introduce pauses into your child's life."

February 2020

'I am Love'
"A celebration of love in all its forms, I Am Love asks readers to look inward when they feel afraid. Love allows us to act with compassion and kindness, to live with gratitude, and to take care of ourselves by practicing self-love."

January 2020

'Have you filled your bucket today?'

"This heartwarming book encourages positive behaviour by using the concept of an invisible bucket to show children how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation and love by "filling buckets."