Literacy Activities

Literacy + Academic Fun!

Learning how to read, spell and do math can be a fun, wild adventure with movement, stories and more! Check out the resources below to support Mindful Play Based Learning!

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Positive Affirmations

Positive Affirmations support children to know how wonderful they are and give them the confidence they need to do their very best!

Kindness Challenge

Invite your child to brighten up your community by creating Kindness Rocks to spread across your local park, decorate your front yard, or to add to/start a Rock Garden.

Gratitude Alphabet

By developing a list of things you are grateful for you can increase the quality of your mood, boost optimism, promote positive thinking, and gratitude

What makes you happy?

An activity for every family member that supports Self Care, literacy and connection to self

What makes you happy_ (1).png

Visualization Activities

Enjoy a guided visualization activity with our co-founder, Christina! 

Below you will find a print out to go with the video.

Learning Through Play

Your home is full of wonderful opportunities to learn and grow! 

Using our download explore your home with new eyes and help your children continue their education in a different way then they may be used to!

Kindness Meditation

This months resource has a link to our YouTube Channel!
One of our founders, Christina, will lead your little through a Kindness Meditation!
Included is a downloadable PDF supporting the conversation around Kindness, allowing your child to have a creative outlet to express themselves!

Kindness Meditation (1).png