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Connection to the present
Self Regulation
Nature is happiness
Nature is Captivating
Be Playful

Supporting Mindful Education

Our dream for Mindful Little Things is to be a support system for Educators and Families. We want to help cultivate a happy and healthy generation of learners and explorers. 

We aim to support the mental, physical, emotional and social wellbeing of all children as they grow. 

Education in early childhood should be a playful adventure!

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At Mindful Little Things our mission is to support adults to encourage children’s passion, advocate and inspire them, invest in their present in order to support their future, and to bring a connection to their world.

Build Confidence
Coordiation Development

Our Philosophy of Education

Our philosophy of education is focused on a holistic approach, being mindful of the whole child and supporting them to make their own choices.

Showing children our natural world as they explore nature, through walks and outdoor adventures and bringing nature into the classroom and home.

We believe in learning through play! 

Children are naturally curious, they want to know why something works the way it does, or what is underneath or what happens if...? 

It is so important for adults to provide opportunities for children to be silly, to experience their senses, to get messy, to support their mental health, to let them know mistakes are learning opportunities, and help them explore this world!

Social Development
Sharing in edxploration
Let's get silly
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