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Mindful Child

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Mindful Play and Exploration

At Mindful Little Thing we aim to support children! 

We want all children to be living their most mindful lives. Living in the present moment and exploring through play is the best way to live mindfully!

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 Mindful Child Workshop are offered in home, schools, daycares and summer camps. We come to you to share mindfulness, play and exploration!

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During our workshop we encourage children to connect with the moment they are living in.  Each activity is done with intention, focusing on the present moment and the experiences they are living RIGHT NOW! 

Within our mindful play sessions children will:

Learn about mindfulness: What is? How do we experience it?

Explore Mindfulness and Play Based Learning

Connect, support and play with others

Practice living in the moment, sharing kindness and being thankful

About Mindful Child Play Session

We created this play experience because we noticed a lack of Mindfulness based experiences for children within the GTA.

This sessions is for children ages 4+

Our mindful play sessions aim to provide children (4+) with opportunities to explore the importance of mindfulness in a safe, fun and familiar environment. 

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This Fun experience aims to:

Have children experience mindfulness through play

Inspire a deeper connection with nature, the environment and the world around them

Support positive interactions with others and themselves

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Certificate of Achievement 

Upon completion all participants will receive a certificate of achievement. This visual hooray! supports children's mental health, encouraging them to feel awesome about their accomplishments and inspires them continue sharing mindfulness with others.

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This experience is recommended for school age children, starting around age 4

Interested in a session for your younger child?

We offer a parent and child mindful exploration experience. Together, we explore play, mindfully chatting about your child, their day, your day and ways we can shift our language, environment and play opportunities to be more mindful. This workshop is unique to you, your child and your family.

Mindful Little Things is a travelling company, we come to you!

Please email us to set up a session for your child, or your child and their friends!

Email us to book your Mindful Child Play Session today!

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