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Sensory Play

Getting a little messy and really connecting with what we are playing with is a great way for children to experience their world.

When you are Mindfully exploring Sensory Play you can speak with your children about their five senses and explore together!

*Resources may need a little extra support from an adult.

*Click on the different types of resources to be connected to a specific play experiences!

Blueberry Muffins

Explore science and have a yummy snack!

Mindful Taste Test

A delicious and fun activity to inspire healthy eating.

Smelly Stickers

Make your own smelly stickers

Mind Jar

Calm the mind and reconnect to the present

Play Dough 

Shift children's attention away from their big emotions and focus on the present moment

Making + Exploring Goop

Get a little messy with this fun activity!

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