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Creative Expression 

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Creating Superheros!
Exploring Art Mediums
Nothing like fresh crayons
Making and Creating
Beads Beads Beads

Creative Expression

Supporting everyone to let their true self shine!

When we allow children to explore their abilities and their interests we create innovative thinkers and learners! Imagine what magical things our world can experience if we let their little minds run wild!

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*Click on the different types of resources to be connected to a specific play experiences!

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Loose Parts

Loose parts are loose items that children can explore

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Positive Self- Talk

Support a child's Positive Self Talk through this fun and creative activity.

Craft Stick Bracelets.png

Craft Stick Bracelet

 Turn a craft stick into a unique piece of jewelry

Flower Petal Watercolours.png

Flower Petal Watercolours

Exploring cause and effect transformations and process art making!

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What did you create today?
Kindness Challenge
What can you make out of loose parts?
Empowerment Cards
Paint Experession
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