Mindful Support

 Our goal is to provide mini tips to help connect everyone to the present moment, experiencing life right now, using Mindfulness Based Techniques and Play Based Learning.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is bringing your attention to what is happening to you in the present moment.

Our resources for parents / educators focus on bringing awareness to the present moment while completing an activity or experience. It is about incorporating Mindfulness Based Practices however we can, whenever we can!

Learning to Pause in Play

Learning to pause in play will sharpen children's senses and attention, and enhance memory, problem solving, relationships, creativity, and physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing.

Children learn best through example, so it is crucial to be a role model for your children by showing them how you pause during your everyday activities. 

Growth Mindset

When we give children the proper tools and strategies to help them believe in themselves, their abilities, and their intelligence, and help them acknowledge skills that can be improved, we are supporting them in developing a growth mindset!

1. Motivate

To support a Growth Mindset children need to be motivated.

When they can't do something a child can feel frustrated and sad, resulting in feelings of "I am not good enough" or "I'll never be able to do it."

If we are there for them, motivating them to try again and not give up, we are contributing to their Growth Mindset.

2. Support the Challenge

When we are faced with hard tasks (even as adults) we sometimes want to give up because 'it's too hard' but when we push past the hard part and we accomplish our goals ...  WE FEEL AMAZING! It is the same for children! With a Growth Mindset we are able to say to ourselves "I GOT THIS, I CAN DO IT". We accept the challenge and push past it and feel incredible for our efforts.

3. Trying your Best

Some times we work really hard at something and it just doesn't seem to work out for us. We attempt the same math problem over and over and just cannot get it, that dance move that came easily to everyone else just doesn't look the same, BUT you tried your best! That is the most important part!

4. Praise and Encouragement

Validating your child's (or the children in your classrooms) effort is super important. Let them know that you witnessed their effort and you are so proud that they tried their best, or showed up or didn't give up. These small acts of communication can make a BIG difference in supporting their Growth Mindset. You are giving them the tools to believe in themselves

5. Growth Mindset Posters

Create your own Growth Mindset Posters!

Get some big paper, markers, pencil crayons and get creative! Write down things your child has accomplished so they can see their success. Also create posters that talk about what they haven't accomplished yet but are working towards. When they accomplish it they can colour it in and  see their growth.

Past Mindfulness Tips

Download the PDF to enjoy more Mindfulness tips for you and your whole family!

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