Mindful Support

 Our goal is to provide mini tips to help connect everyone to the present moment, experiencing life right now, using Mindfulness Based Techniques and Play Based Learning.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is bringing your attention to what is happening to you in the present moment.

Our resources for parents / educators focus on bringing awareness to the present moment while completing an activity or experience. It is about incorporating Mindfulness Based Practices however we can, whenever we can!

Learning to Pause in Play

Learning to pause in play will sharpen children's senses and attention, and enhance memory, problem solving, relationships, creativity, and physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing.

Children learn best through example, so it is crucial to be a role model for your children by showing them how you pause during your everyday activities. 


Kindness is magic.

It is one of those things that has the ability to make everyone feel so great!

It is super important to remember not only to be kind to others but also to be kind to yourself!

1. Acknowledging Kindness

Children are exploring the world for the first time, they are learning about behaviour and emotions through interactions and experiences. When we acknowledge that a child is being kind to another person or to themselves, then we are supporting them on their quest at becoming a good person. Try paying attention to your child's actions, when you see them showing kindness show LOTS of appreciation and support for their choice!

2. Small Acts of Kindness

We all know that Small Acts of Kindness can go a LONG way! Simply holding a door for a stranger can make all the difference in that small interaction. Encourage your child to donate old toys or clothing that they no longer like or play with. Model kindness by helping someone with their groceries or sharing with a friend.

Remember that old saying? Monkey See, Monkey Do

3. Role Model Kindness

In every action we take throughout the day we have a choice to model Kindness. Just like the statement above, Monkey See, Monkey Do, children are watching us and when we practice Kindness towards others they will too! Take your child out to volunteer, or encourage them to help their siblings tie their shoes. Allow them to see you supporting others too with kind gestures.

4. Celebrate Other's Success

Kindness is showing support for others! Did you significant other get a promotion at work? Celebrate it in a BIG way! Make them feel special for their achievement! Same with children, if your child was struggling with an upcoming test and did well, but maybe not as much as they had hoped, share a little kindness and remind them how hard they worked and how proud you are of their effort!

5. Kindness Towards Yourself

This is an important one that people tend to forget! You are awesome, you are amazing! Congratulate yourself. Tell yourself you are beautiful, smart and capable of anything! If you would say it to someone else, don't forget to say it to yourself too!

Past Mindfulness Tips

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