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Welcome to Mindfulness

Mindful Workshops

At Mindful Little Things our mission is to create Mindful Workshops that will increase Mindful exploration and play in the classroom, at home and throughout life.

We want to challenge a different way of approaching education!

Focused on play based exploration
Connection to self, others and our environment
Co-learning between educator, parent and child

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Within each workshop we will take a close look at what is Mindfulness, how to introduce it to children, and how to set up play based experiences that focus on Mindful Exploration. 

Each workshop touches on positive mental health tips for both children and adults. Exploring this heavy topic through hands on experiences, activities and group discussions.

Within our  workshops we offer lots of amazing resources:

Mindful Children’s Book Guide
PDF Reflection Journal (for adults)
Lots of Mindful Activities for children of all ages

Mindful Workshops

This workshop is focused on group care, inspiring educators to foster a positive mindset in their students.

To encourage their students to ask big questions, and together mindfully explore, grow and learn about the world around them!

As educators we know that children are incredibly curious, this workshop supports that curiosity as we learn, the way children learn best, through play! 


In this workshop we will focus on Mindful Parenting.

Part of mindful parenting means taking a closer look at how, as a parent you practice mindful self care. When we have a better understanding of mindfulness for ourselves, we can begin to introduce this practice with our children.

Together we can challenge ourselves and our children to explore nature, connect to the present, be compassionate and get excited to learn new things everyday!


In this workshop children will mindfully explore their environment, connection with others, all while using a play based approach.

Part of childhood is exploring the world around us! It is about asking lots of questions! Why does that frog live in a pond? What happens when I mix these two colours together? How can I be a good friend?

Together, we can explore what mindfulness is and how children achieve it. It is about introducing the word mindful and the concept of mindfulness. It is about supporting children to learn through play and exploration!

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Play Support
Be Playful
Open Minded
Mindful Eating
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