Playful Education

Through our years of educating, we’ve observed many children who experience stress and anxiety, lack of social and emotional skills, and difficulty regulating emotions and behaviours.

As educators, we are able to support and nurture child development by facilitating programs rooted in Movement, Connection and Expression! 

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging workshop for children to feel a sense of belonging, express themselves in healthy ways, build on skills that support their physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing, and HAVE FUN! 

Workshops for Children

Yoga Movement

We create an engaging play based learning experience for children.

We use yoga poses, mindfulness based practices, games, storytelling, music, dance, movement, guided imagery, relaxation techniques and more to create a fun skill based learning experience for Toddlers - Grade 6 children.

Our goal is for each group of children to have a unique and engaging experience, building on previous skills and introducing new ones.

Creative Art

Creating safe and engaging experiences for children to express themselves freely using creative art experiences.

We incorporate mindfulness based strategies to support children during their art experience, empowering each child to feel confident in what they are creating.