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At Mindful Little Things we are committed to providing workshops for children that support opportunities to Connect and Play using Mindfulness based practices.

At this time due to the nature of our workshops and the seriousness of Covid-19, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all workshops within community centres, schools and childcare establishments.

We are still providing opportunities for Mindfulness through our Resource page, Newsletter and Instagram account. 

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School Workshops

We offer Recreational Skill Building Workshops, created by two Registered Early Childhood Educators. 

Our Workshops focus on Play Based Learning, understanding that  children have a great desire to play and learn so much through their play experiences.

As Educators, we are able to support and nurture child development by facilitating programs rooted in Movement, Connection and Expression! 

Yoga Movement Workshops

Our Yoga Movement Workshop incorporates Mindfulness Based Practices with Movement.

Children will learn through play, build friendships, and learn self-regulation techniques as they build body and breath awareness, flexibility, and enjoy playful balance.


The instructor will bring focus to the present moment during each Workshop to support the introduction of Mindfulness!

Kindergarten - Grade 6

30 minutes - 1 hour 

Yoga Literacy Workshops

Our Yoga Literacy Workshop focuses on Mindful Movement, Reading, and Comprehension Skills.

Children will be guided through a Yoga experience as they listen and engage in a story. Other props and support items are used to help stimulate the imagination, build cooperation skills and raise self-awareness.

We work with the teacher in the classroom to provide an experience that aligns with the learning objective in their classroom, supporting students and teachers with new skills that can be used in their classroom.

Kindergarten - Grade 6

30 minutes - 1 hour each

Empowerment Workshops

Our Empowerment Workshops support children using Mindfulness Strategies that raise their self-esteem, provide skills focusing on social emotional learning and character development.

Each Empowerment Workshop focuses on a different element, with the overal learning objective being connection to self and others.

Kindergarten - Grade 6

1 hour each

Bullying Awareness

Kindness, Empathy, Gratitude + Self-Love

Environmental Awareness

Growth Mindset

Creative Art Workshops

Our Creative Expression Workshops focus on stimulating imagination, curiosity and exploration.

Each workshop will incorporate light Yoga Movement and Mindfulness based strategies. 

Kindergarten - Grade 6

1 hour - 1.5 hours each

Creative Writing

Expressive Dance

Jewelry Making

Collaging and Multimedia Art

Mandala Creations