Mindful Little Things

Yoga Movement + Mindfulness for Children

Mindful Little Things is a fun, interactive yoga and mindfulness program uniquely created by qualified and experienced Early Childhood Educators.

Our programs focus on children’s desire to play!

Through play we are able to support developmental milestones focusing on experiences that involve physical, mental, emotional, and social goals at each stage of childhood.
Our approach to educating children is playful, inclusive, and engaging. 

We view learning as an organic, emergent, and experimental experience for everyone! 


For us, education is a collaborative relationship between

educators, children, families, and the community. 

Our Programs 

We are  inspired by elements of Emergent Curriculum, the Reggio Emilia approach, and Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years: How Does Learning Happen? 

Mindful Little Things travels to your childcare centre, school, home, or venue to share a fun and enriching experience.

Meet Our Founders


Co-owner  + Co-founder
Director of Community Engagement + 
Program Development
Registered Early Childhood Educator
Children's Yoga Instructor


Co-owner + Co-founder 
Director of Human Resources. 
Social Media + Marketing
Registered Early Childhood Educator
Children's Yoga Instructor

"Mindful Little Things began as a passion project, created by two passionate Early Childhood Educators.


Christina Diamante and Emma Laitila."

Connect with us 

We are here to answer your questions and help you create a unique mindful experience! 

Send us an email and let the journey together begin!