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Yoga Movement + Creative  Expression

Skill Building Workshops

Our Workshops offer playful ways for children, families and educators to explore life together.
Our Workshops build on essential skills, support a healthy lifestyle, and allow children to learn the way they learn best, Through Play!
Our Workshops were created by two Registered Early Childhood Educators who recognized the absence of social and emotional learning experiences in children’s everyday lives.
Our approach to education is Playful, Inclusive, and Engaging. 
We view learning as an organic, emergent, and experimental experience for everyone! 


At Mindful Little Things we are committed to providing workshops for children that support opportunities to Connect and Play using Mindfulness based practices.

At this time due to the nature of our workshops and the seriousness of Covid-19, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all workshops within community centres, schools and childcare establishments.

We are still providing opportunities for Mindfulness through our Resource page, Newsletter and Instagram account. 

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Our Workshops 

As Educators, we are able to support and nurture child development by facilitating programs rooted in Movement, Connection and Expression! 
Yoga Movement is a key element in each of our Workshops. Yoga allows children to explore their bodies and spacial awareness, as they move throughout the class.
Each class supports Mindfulness Based Practices as they connect to each moment, focusing their attention on where we are right now. Supporting positive connections and raising self-awareness
Our Workshops allow children to be Free to Express Themselves, whether that means they have invented a new Yoga pose, created a unique piece of art or simply danced throughout their class, we want children to feel empowered to be themselves!
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Mobile Programs

Workshops Pop Up in Etobicoke and Surrounding Areas

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Playful and Educational Workshops for Early Childhood Educators or anyone working with children.
Connecting  Mindful Play Experiences with different communities.
Educational Workshops focusing on Bully Awareness, Yoga Movement, Literacy and Skill Building Activities.
Playful Education, using Yoga Movement and Mindfulness Based Practices 
Activities for Children supporting Mindful Learning through Play! 

Meet Our Founders


Registered Early Childhood Educator
Children's Yoga Instructor


Registered Early Childhood Educator
Children's Yoga Instructor

We are committed to cultivating a happy and healthy generation!