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The pandemic has provided Mindful Little Things with exciting new possibilities and time to mindfully think about our future.

In 2022 we will be offering workshops that are designed for Educators and Parents! Helping you bring Mindful Education into your classroom and home.

Supporting children's mental health, as they  play and explore their world.

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Stay Happy, Healthy and Safe!

Emma xox

Hi, I'm Emma

I am a Registered Early Childhood Educator and owner of Mindful Little Things. 
I am so excited that you have stopped by for a visit! Please take a look around, sign up for a workshop, try out our resources or shoot me an email!
Looking forward to connecting with you!

Mindful Workshops

Educator and Parent Workshops are created with Mindful intention by a Registered Early Childhood Educator.
Workshops were designed to support mindful exploration within the classroom, home and throughout life! Assisting adults and children to pause, live in the moment and slow down.

Mindful Little Things is committed to providing workshops that support opportunities to Play and Grow!

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