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The dictionary defines Gratitude as “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for, and to return kindness.”

Showing gratitude is a very Mindful Practice. As you redirect your focus on all that is good in your life, connect to the present moment or, reflect on past experiences you can more easily appreciate all that you have.

Right now, with Thanksgiving just around the corner the idea of being grateful is amplified. It is a time to connect with loved ones and share all the special things in your lives.

This year may look a little different, however there are many ways we can connect with loved ones from a distance.

The practice of labelling and acknowledging what we are grateful for on a more regular basis is called a Gratitude Practice. The more we can show gratitude for our loved ones, our life, animals, nature and the world around us, we are better able to appreciate how lucky we are.

All this praise for our life helps shift our mindset, we become more positive, we focus on all these little things more and more and slowly every moment of our lives seems like a gift.

But it doesn’t stop there!

As your Gratitude Practice deepens you will inevitably share those good vibes with friends, family, children, loved ones, and your co-workers.

By sharing your routine of acknowledging the things you are grateful for, you will begin to support change in others lives too!

Children are the best at playing copy-cat!

Begin to share your Gratitude Practice with them and watch how quick they catch on!

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