The Team

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Registered Early Childhood Educator
Children's Yoga Instructor


Why do you teach children yoga + mindfulness?

As a child, I struggled with finding the confidence to believe in myself. Through working with children as an adult, I found myself driven to make every child feel special, appreciated and worthy of greatness! I want to inspire them to shine from the inside out!

What message do you want to teach children through your classes?

I want to teach children that they should never give up. They should believe in themselves and be proud of their uniqueness!

What makes Mindful Little Things unique?

In our programs we empower children to express themselves freely, in a non-competitive way, while helping them develop lifelong health and wellness habits.

Registered Early Childhood Educator
Children's Yoga Instructor


Why yoga + mindfulness for children?

When I personally incorporated yoga + mindfulness into my life my world changed. I have worked in childcare for over 11 years and thought children could really benefit from this practice.

What is mindfulness to a child?

The world we live in is fast passed and in constant movement. Teaching children mindfulness means finding a place of peace where they can connect to the present moment and enjoy being a kid!


Why do you think children will benefit from Mindful Little Things programs?

Our programs are fun, interactive and developmentally appropriate. Children are learning about so many things (body awareness, friendship, living in the present) without even knowing it!  

Children's Yoga Instructor
Degree in Eastern Psychology 
Focus on Mindfulness + Meditation


What do you love about teaching children?

Children are authentic, honest, and naturally present. Through their playful nature, and candidness, they actually end up teaching me a thing or two! 

Children inspire me to live in the moment, to always stay curious, and most importantly to have fun. We have so much to learn from them.

Why is creativity so important to your approach?

I think that any form of creative expression is important for an overall understanding of ourselves and how we interpret the world around us. Unfortunately as adults, the conditioned fear of not being “good” at it often holds us back from trying new things. 

I believe that encouraging children to explore their creative nature and uniqueness is an important practice supporting healthy development.  

Do you think Children can meditate?

Yes! Children are naturally mindful, and present. As teachers, we assist children by guiding their attention inwards and making themselves aware of how or what they are feeling- even if it is only for a few brief moments! 

Early Childhood Educator
Children with Diverse Needs Consultant


What are you passionate about?

Throughout elementary school, I was friends with a girl in my classroom who is diagnosed with Autism. I remember sitting beside her in my grade 5 classroom and acting as a supportive friend for her when she struggled daily with learning and connecting with other children. Each day I encouraged her to participate in recess games and always made sure that she felt included in all the games. At the time, I enjoyed socializing and including my friend into my life because I loved seeing the smile on her face that would follow. Who would've thought that the bond I had made with her in my childhood years would impact my decision to work with children with diverse needs. 


How do you think yoga and mindfulness will help children with diverse needs?

To me, yoga and mindfulness is a tool that can help individuals self-regulate. Yoga is a very inclusive practice that can be adapted to meet the needs of every child. For example, some needs are physical, and require modifications such as implementing chair yoga. The possibilities are endless! 


Why did you choose to work with children?

My entire life, I have always envisioned myself working with children. As a child, I was a natural teacher and leader. It's very fulfilling and heartwarming when I see a child I am working with succeed, because I was able to provide them with the proper support and tools they needed to reach their fullest potential in that moment.