Children learn through play!

Our classes do not look like a typical yoga class and children are not always doing 'yoga' in the way that can be seen in an adult class. We create yoga movement classes allowing children to learn through their play experiences.

We create a mindful experience, moving away from yoga poses when children show us they are ready for another play experience such as an expressive art activity, or building an obstacle course or dancing to allow our bodies to let loose.

It is important for us to give children the choice on how they want to experience their yoga movement+ mindfulness class, it empowers them to know they have a voice.

At Mindful Little Things our classes reflect the interests of the children in that moment.

During our classes our instructors evaluate the energy of the children and what interests them in that moment to best create a program that is specifically for them that day.

Our classes teach children the importance of living in the present movement, being yourself, loving yourself, kindness, appreciation for what we have and so many other valuable life lessons they don't even know they are learning!

Going into a class we never know what lessons children will learn all we know is that they will have a great time and that they will learn the beginning foundations of yoga and mindfulness, everything else that happens organically is just a bonus!