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Yoga Movement

Yoga with children is playful, silly and imaginative!

Children do not generally stay on their own mat, it is noisy with music and laughter, we encourage children to be different animals and we use a wide range of colourful props to help stimulate and engage them.

A Children’s Yoga

class is about


Connection and Expression!

Setting the foundation for a Yoga practice means allowing children to be playful! They are learning about their bodies and what they can do! What happens when I balance on one foot? Now what happens if a balance on one foot while trying to pick up the bean bag?!

The props encourage different forms of Movement. Children are able to test the limits of their bodies during each stage of their development as they balance, move and play! Just like the movement of our bodies, we (as instructors) move along with the children in the classroom. When children show us they are ready for a new experience or a new challenge our instructors shift with them, introducing new options or games. This is a great practice at home with your children as you practice Yoga together or can be used with any educational practice. Children tell us when they have reached their limit by becoming disengaged, distracted or may even openly tell you “This is boring.” This does not mean the educational practice is done for the day, it just means it is time to shift over to something new!

Connection is a very important part of our Yoga Movement workshops. We believe that in each workshop, with new friends or old, with family or complete strangers, your hundredth time with us or your first day; connection is a BIG part of the experience.

Children love making connections, they love finding that person to be silly with or the one that will balance with you during friendship tree pose. Promoting moments of connection allows us all to feel grounded in the present moment.

Within each experience everyone has the opportunity to freely Express themselves! It is the most gratifying!

We encourage children to explore their creative side through free movement, such as Yoga Freeze dance. Children dance and let loose and freeze in a Yoga Pose when the music stops. We set up art experiences allowing children to explore that side of themselves. Or we make adjustments during the class if we notice an expectation is too challenging.

Expression can be found throughout many of our day to day experiences and within Mindful Little Things workshops. For us in a Children’s Yoga Class, it is in the way our bodies move within each pose, within each interaction with another child/classmate or during Yoga Story Time.

When we freely express ourselves that is when the magic really happens!

Want to incorporate more movement in your child's routine?

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