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Positive Goal Setting

Who doesn't love achieving their goals?!

Every year I set Positive Goals for myself, both professionally and personally.

I set these goals, and reevaluate them every few months.

Typically my big goals are set in January and September, as these months feel like fresh starts to me. The rest of the year is spent reevaluating them.

These goals are about making positive changes in my life that are attainable and sustainable. It is about taking small steps towards bigger goals and being kind to myself along the way.

When making these goals, I try to be realistic and, and as I said before, make them attainable. For me personally I enjoy making Pinterest Boards (Check out our Pinterest Boards for inspiration) for each new goal or each new year.

I like vision boards because they are aesthetically pleasing and fun to create, and even more fun to go back and visit.

When making my positive goals

I ask myself:

1. What do I want to accomplish?

2. Why do I want to accomplish it?

3. What steps do I need to take in order to achieve my goals?

If my goal was to get outside, and move my body more. I may take the following steps to achieve it:

-Buy gear that supports me to get outside, no matter the weather.

-Pick a time each day, or a few times a week, that will support me to get out there.

-Know that it is ok if I don't make it out when I wanted to, tomorrow is a new day.

Take the time to write down each goal and figure out the best way to make it happen.

And remember it is not just about making these positive changes in January!

In January many people make New Year’s Resolutions, but what happens to those New Year’s Resolutions as the months click forward?

For many of us, we make them and then tuck them away and forget about them until next year. And then next year comes along and we think to ourselves “oops, definitely didn’t make time for that.” or “What was I thinking?!”

Not attaining our goals can really affect our mental health, and make us feel bad about ourselves, and that is never a good way to become motivated.

What I like about Positive Goals is they allow (and encourage) us to amend them! Instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st, we set Positive Goals that change throughout the year. We allow them to shift, and we reevaluate them, and add to them, so ultimately we accomplish the goal over time.

By doing this we make our goals possible!

Sometimes with our goals, we can realize that we need to take an abundance of smaller steps to support the big goal.

This is how our goals shift and change. The goals may feel and look different when you first set them, but you are putting in the work to achieve it!

I encourage you to set your positive goals, and help your children set their positive goals too!


Goals should be achievable.

Don’t be afraid to break them up into smaller, more attainable goals.

Be kind to yourself while setting them and during the process.

If a goal no longer serves you, that’s OK - you can always amend or set new ones.

And most of all I encourage you to have FUN with them!

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