Mindful Play Experiences

At Home

Sharing Mindful Play Experiences for children and families to enjoy in their home or outside in nature!

*The PDF links will provide a full overview of the activities, including why this activity is helpful, materials and instructions.

Mindful Play Experience

The glitter in the mind jar represents our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and emotions. The mind jar activity provides children with a visual understanding of how our thoughts work inside our body.

Share the above link with your child to better understand mindfulness, and how the calming jar can support them.

*Click the link to download the PDF

Using Play Dough to Self-Regulate

Self-regulation is the ability to help us to control our emotions and behaviour to make good decisions in the moment. Play dough is a sensory stimulating experience that helps shift children's attention away from their big emotions and moves their attention to the present moment.

*Click the link to download the PDF